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California Love  56 x 6 Grand Toro


This blend pays tribute to the beautiful state of California.


To the people of California, I commend you for being who you are. We live in a diverse state and enjoy all that life has to offer. Let's be frank, It ain't cheap! But is there another place you'd rather be?

LAX is the footprint that connects the globe! 


From the beaches, mountains,  hills, peaks and valleys. To the farmers, growers, business men and women. To the School teachers, doctors, dentists and lawyers.


To the talent agents, real estate movers and shakers. 


To the parks and recreation, the coaches,  musicians, writers, directors, editors and producers.


Give it up to the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Rams, Raiders, Dodgers, Angels. San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Kings! 

Give it up to the great Universities and Community Colleges from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay.

To all the people of the Military based in and/or from California.

California is one of the best and biggest economies in the world. The brilliance behind planning out this great world footprint is as golden as the Sun. 

This one's for the hustle in you! "California Love" by Dignity, 

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