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Our year round humanitarian efforts are done with dignity.

We strive to do our part in making the world a better place.

Please see the list of charitable causes in which Dignity has been involved.

American Airlines Flaagship Charity

Lupus Foundation

Ronald McDonald House

Boys & Girls Club


Wounded Warriors

Young Warriors

Bridges to Ability Foundation

AV Champions

Veterans of America Foundation


Cigar Rights of America

Cedric the Entertainer - Kyles Family Foundation

George Lopez Charity Foundation

Anthony Anderson Charity Foundation

Eric Dickerson Charitable Foundation


Beverly Hills Wine Festival

Calabasas Wine Festival

Monterrey Tequila Festival

Mercedes Benz Concourse d' Elegance

Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz

Ferrari of Newport Beach, CA

Cigar & Spirits Newport Beach, CA

California Mega Herf I & II

Crush & Roll Paso Robles, CA


Seattle Cigar Expo

Little Smoke  Spokane, Washington

Sin City Cigar Society "Day Party" Big Smoke Weekend

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