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Puro Nubia

Secret Blend


60 x 6  20 Count Box
54 x 6 20 Count Box

Medium to full body
Smooth notes of cocoa, coffee, mild spice, well balanced.

Puro Nubia is dedicated to the world of cigar connoisseurs in tribute to truth and the untold history of the world. Knowledge is only taught and conveyed by what is learned in fact, by the distributors of generated information, from sources endowed, to guide the mind with means of control. 

Puro Nubia pays tribute to old Nubia and the courage and dignity of the great Pharoahs' of Egypt and Sudan. Ramesses III, for which my very own paternal lineage stems.
From Cairo to Luxor, Aswar, Wada Halfa, Abu Simbel, Dongola, Napata, Meroe, Khartoum and the cultivation of the pyramids along the Nile River. Nubia often goes unnoticed but is one of the most important defining civilizations in world history.

Puro Nubia is our offering of basic intell with guide words and phrases of certain learned truths for one to research.
The universe is kind.
The ancestors of many have traveled by force after being confronted and overthrown by various forms of opposition. During their travels, millions were divided, lost and/or placed abroad, throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Trinidad y Tobago, Tazmania, Barbados, Venezuela, Columbia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, San Salvador, Bahamas. St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Antigua, Anguila, America, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Asia, etc.  

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